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    Urban Barista Espresso Bar was born in 2014 after Gavin (main bean) had been in the coffee industry for a decade co-owning a group of shops with branches in Gauteng and the Western Cape.

    During a short sabbatical and after some travelling and caffeine loaded research the dream of creating an authentic quality driven coffee experience in a compact mobile format started.

    With a deep love for Vespa scooters it was decided that the Piaggio Ape would be the perfect vehicle for packaging this dream. The first unit was completed late that year and the second followed soon after.

    With our vision and drive to grow the coffee culture in our community we will be expanding soon.

Our Services

Urban Barista Espresso Bar provides a one stop coffee solution to any event. We do weddings, birthdays, corporate events, expos or any other private function that require caffeinating. We are also a full-time tenant with Market@theSheds, which is a monthly event.

At these events you can enjoy all our espresso based drinks, which includes espresso, americano and cappuccino. We also have a collection of merchandise which includes our beans packed in 250g and 1kg bags for home use. Furthermore we also serve and supply two flavours of our own Cold Brew coffee in 330ml glass bottles. And on request at private functions we can provide a selection of teas and hot chocolate.


Origin of our Beans

We sampled beans from all the major coffee producing regions but fell in love with this one from Sipi Falls in Uganda.

Sipi Falls is a beautiful landmark in Uganda, originating from Mount Elgon. According to many because of the large size of its base, Elgon was once the tallest mountain in Africa. The Sipi Falls Coffee Project, was initiated by Kawacom in 1999. It now incorporates over 5,000 small-holder farmers, which cover an area of over 2,000 hectares. With training, young trees, and extension services provided by Kawacom, farmers are improving agronomic practices for both quantity and higher quality yield, generating more income for their families. Extensive use of intercropping provides both shade and compost for the coffee trees and food for the farmers, as well.

The characteristics of the bean includes a lemony acidity with a smooth nutty caramel mouth feel that finishes in sweet vanilla.

We love it!

Know your Lingo

The speciality coffee world is full of jargon not normally used by the general public. We understand how confusing it can be, for instance the difference between a cappuccino and a flat white? And so decided to help you, #knowyourcoffeelingo!            

Here is a list of terminology and definitions in layman’s terms.


Acidity, used as a coffee term, refers to bright, tangy, fruity, or wine-like flavor characteristics found in many high grown Arabica coffees. Coffee with high acidity is described as acidy, which has nothing to do with the amount of acid, or pH. Coffee actually has a relatively neutral pH of between 5 and 6. When green coffee is stored for more than a year it will have a perceptible loss of flavor and acidity. Also, acidity is reduced as coffee is roasted darker.


Cappuccino is a popular breakfast drink that you can also make at home as long as you have an espresso machine and the proper beans. A cappuccino consists of espresso topped with equal parts foamed and steamed milk. This drink is often served in a rounded coffee mug and is best enjoyed at a leisurely pace.


The aroma and flavor characteristic of fresh nuts. Coffee cuppers are careful to avoid using the term “nutty” when describing coffee with taste or aroma characteristics of rancid nuts or bitter almonds. Coffees from South America commonly have a nutty flavor.


The word espresso refers to a brewing method that extracts the heart of the coffee bean. It was invented in Italy at the turn of the century. A pump-driven machine forces hot water through fine grounds at around nine atmospheres of pressure. It should take between 1.8 to 23 seconds to extract a good shot. This will produce 30ml of great liquid. This brewing process produces a sweet, thick and rich, smooth shot of espresso. Espresso comes from the Latin word “Expresere” which means “to press out”.

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